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Chat Rules


Being obnoxious or disrespectful to others is

Examples include but are not limited to: spamming, use of bad/ inappropriate language, and insulting/ harassing other players. 

Slurs/ words resembling slurs in any context are strictly prohibited.

Unwanted trolling is also prohibited.

Players must follow staff instructions.

Starting and/or encouraging controversial topics in global chat is prohibited.

Topics include: discrimination/ negative comments based on race, skin tone, looks, gender, beliefs, affiliations, etc.

Partaking in/ threatening violence and/or hatred towards others is prohibited.

Speaking about deeply negative topics is prohibited.
Examples: self-harm, suicide, murder, etc.

Lying about and/or revealing personal info of other players in any way is prohibited.

Impersonating of staff or any other player(s) is prohibited.
Includes using perks to display tags/ ranks you don’t have

Willful violation of any chat rule may result in the temporary or permanent loss of speaking privileges. Efforts to circumvent detection of a violation of any of the aforementioned rules will result in harsher penalties. 

Finally: Please use common sense! If you aren't sure if it's allowed, either ask, or don't do it!

Punishment: Chat violations are taken seriously and may result in a temporary mute of up to 1 hour for the first offense and/or a temporary ban of no more than 24 hours. Second offenses will result in a temporary mute of up to 24 hours and/or a temporary ban of up to 3 days. Third offenses or greater may result in a seven-day mute and/or a 1-month ban.


Build Rules


1. Building structures designed to cause decreased game performance or interacting with the server in an unreasonable manner that causes an excessive decrease in server performance is prohibited and will result in the removal of that structure. Examples include but are not limited to: Chunk loaders, farms that are excessive and are far beyond what a reasonable player requires or are unreasonably inefficient with resources, and using auto clickers or macros to interact with the server at unnatural speeds.

2. Buildings designed to annoy or vex other players are considered to be forms of communication and will be removed and punished accordingly.

3. Claiming/building within 50 blocks of another's claim/build is prohibited unless there is express consent by all parties. 

4. While building in the resource world is not prohibited, builds will not be saved when the resource world resets. 

5. Duping is not allowed. Duped items will be removed.

6. Stealing from claimed areas is not permitted. (Note: that taking drops from players who have died without 'keep inventory' enabled is permitted).

7. Using common sense is strongly encouraged!

Punishment: Build violations may result in the removal of the claim or structure and/or temporary bans of up to 48 hours.