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Perks and Commands
(This page contains list of available
 perks for each rank in our server.)

All players start with these commands:
/motd (shows commands to links for helpful server related information)
/rules (gives a link to our rules page)
/vote (gives a link to our voting page)
/sv votes (tells you how many votes you have)
/mcstats (shows your McMMO skills stats)
/quests listtakequitjournalstatstop
/quest (view current quest objectives)
/trash (opens a disposal window)
/back (returns you to a previous location)
/rtp teleports you to a random place in the world you are in
/bal or /balance (shows your current in game currency balance)
/baltop (shows the top balances of all players)
/kit tools (gives you the tools you start with)
/mail sendclearread
/me (lets you *emote* an action)
/pay (pay a player an amount of money)
/tpa (request to teleport to another player)
/tpahere (requests a player teleport to you)
/tpaccept/tpdeny (accept or deny a teleport request)
/condense (condenses items in your inventory to save space)
(ex: redstone dust to redstone blocks)

/sit/lay, /crawl/bellyflop (lets you do fun and sometimes helpful movements)
/marry list; help; listpriest (gives you information on the Marriage perks/commands)
/home (returns you to one of your sethomes)
/playtime (shows your current online play time on the server)
/seen (tells you when a player was last online)
/sethome (allows you to set a home, use /sethome name - to set more than 1 home


-=Vote Ranks=-

     Initiate: Starting rank ~ 2 sethomes
Initiate II: Votes: 6 ~ 3 sethomes
  Initiate III: Votes 20 ~ 5 sethomes
  Initiate IV: Votes 37 ~ 7 sethomes

Commoner: Votes 56 ~ 10 sethomes
Commoner II: Votes 78 ~ 12 sethomes
Commoner III: Votes 104 ~ 15 sethomes
Commoner IV: Votes 134 ~ 20 sethomes
Each new rank includes all previous rank commands plus:
/ptime (set your own personal in game time)
/pweather (set your own personal in game weather)

Squire: Votes168 ~ 30 sethomes
Squire II: Votes 207 ~ 35 sethomes
Squire III: Votes 252 ~ 38 sethomes
Squire IV: Votes 304 ~ 42 sethomes
/craft (opens a portable crafting table)
/recipe item (shows how to create a specified item)

Knight: Votes 364 ~ 50 sethomes
Knight II: Votes 433 ~ 56 sethomes
Knight III: Votes 512 ~ 63 sethomes

Knight IV: Votes 602 ~ 70 sethomes
/ec (opens a portable enderchest)
/feed (feeds you fully, has a cooldown)
/anvil (opens a portable anvil)

Noble: Votes 706 ~ 75 sethomes
Noble II: Votes 826 ~ 83 sethomes
Noble III: Votes 964 ~ 89 sethomes
Noble IV: Votes 1123 ~ 94 sethomes
/marry priest (allows you to marry/divorce two players)
/marry marry;divorce player1 player2 (marries or divorces 2 players, must be in close proximity and both online)
/marry surname (/marry surname playername surnamechosen - gives the couple a surname!)
Sign colors, allows you to color the text on signs
/nick (lets you change your nickname)
Nick colors, Chat colors (lets you color code your nickname and the text you write in chat)
/kit color (gives you a book which shows the codes for adding colors to text)

Royal: Votes 1306 ~ 100 sethomes
Royal II: Votes 1516 ~ 125 sethomes
Royal III: Votes 1757 ~ 150 sethomes
Royal IV: Votes 2034 ~ unlimited sethomes 
/hat (place an item on your head as a hat)
/phead playername (allows you to obtain a certain players head)
/hdb (opens a gui to show you available decorative heads you can get)
/top (takes you to the topmost block above you)
Chat RGB (allows you to use RGB codes to change your text chat colors)
Nick RGB Colors


-=Special Ranks=-

Nick colors
Chat colors
/kit color


Nick Colors
Nick RGB Colors
Chat Colors
Chat RGB Colors
Sign Colors
/kit color



Chat Colors
Chat RGB Colors
Sign Colors
Nick Colors

Nick RGB Colors
/kit color

All special ranks have unlimited sethomes