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Mystiie... you are awesome. Keep killin it, and ill try my best to keep up grillin it. :D
9 months ago
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  • You are awesome too! :D
    9 months ago
    12 months ago
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    New Quest: Coral's Confections 1-3 Coral's Bakery is New to Quests Town, and has already become a big hit! Problem is, she doesn't have enough ingredients for all of the new orders that keep pouring in! She could really use a hand. ?Location: Quests Town! Speak with the Towns TP NPC at Spawn to get there.  ?Quest Start: Find Coral in her Bakery near the South East gate, and speak with her.  ?Reward Hint: (Something to keep you safe from messes) (Thank you MilkandCookayys for this Quest idea!?)
    7 months ago
    New Quest: Ned's Proposal Ned is in a real pickle. He's lost something very important to him, and he's needing help finding it! Will you be able to help him? ?Location: Speak with the Towns TP NPC next to the portal at spawn. Choose to teleport to Merchants Town. Behind the town, by the wheat gardens, you'll find Ned. ?Quest Start: Speak with Ned to find out how you can help him! ?Reward Hint: it's a real treat! (Thank you Akelda for the Quest Idea! ?)
    7 months ago
    New Quest: Arista's Apprentice Arista is the new local Apothecary in Quests Town She sent her Apprentice out a week ago to gather some supplies for an experiment, but they haven't returned! While Arista's friend goes in search of her Apprentice, she'd like  you go get those supplies for her! She urges you to be well equipped for the task! Quest Start: Speak to Arista The Apothecary in Quests Town to begin your Journey. Location: You will need to travel to the Nether for the supplies! Reward Hint: Perhaps you might like to learn how to make potions too? These rewards will give you a good start! (Thank you Ghosty for this Quest Idea!)
    7 months ago
    New Quests! Neville's request & Sea Captains Booty Neville is in a real tough spot, his Dad, Sherman, is way too overprotective! If you help do him a favor or two, he may just send you off on the adventure of a lifetime! Benny the Captain loves his sea legs, and a great treasure! He's heard some rumors and wants you to investigate. Hope you like to travel, this will require some leg work! ? Quest Start: Speak with Neville to begin your journey! Location 1: On the small island west of Spawn, with Sherman Colors (coords 635, 64, 1038) Location 2: You'll find Benny the Captain on a little sea boat just south of Beeatrice's home (coords 718, 64, 2203) Requirements: You must first finish Neville's quest before you can start Benny the Captains quest. Reward Hints: You'll get some really sea worthy treasures! (Quests written by our Admin Benny ?)
    8 months ago
    New Quest: The Lost Key Marie is visiting Quests Town and found a lovely room at the Village Inn. After taking a nice stroll of the neighborhood, she's discovered her Room key is missing! Now she's searching everywhere for it! Please help her find her key! ? Location: Quests Town -Talk to the Towns TP NPC at spawn and request a teleport.  ? Quest Start: Talk to Marie, she'll be wandering around looking for her lost key!  ? Reward Hint: May being helpful find you in good fortune.  
    9 months ago
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