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New Quest: A Dark Desire “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”   The Mystical Wizard has had a very important item stolen from him, and he needs your help to get it back. You may have to prove to him that you've got what it takes to wield the wand... LOCATION: Talk to the Mystical Wizard in his tower (can be accessed in the basement at the town Inn) REQUIREMENTS: Must have completed the Ancient Mysteries quest TIPS: Make sure you have plenty of gunpowder! THE SAGA CONTINUES  
10 months ago
Game Update 4/1/22 The Wylderness After almost six months of development, and centuries of dreams and tears... The Wylderness is finally ready, And is not for the faint heart... The Wylderness is an RPG style world that contains some of the most challenging custom boss mobs ever created in MineCraft, originating from the imaginations of everyone on the staff team, and absorbed from the ever-evolving collective community. Encompassed in a land area of approximately 25 million square blocks exists custom terrains with many never-before-seen biomes Such as: toxic swamps, chasms, lava fields, wastelands, ancient forests, tropical beaches, and more; adventure lurks around every corner. Across these lands are scattered many radical untold fortunes that will grant incredible abilities to those brave enough to seek them. A word of warning to any courageous warrior: you are not the only one who seeks treasures in this land... While exploring the Wylderness you will come across some forms of civilization such as inns, camps, wild men, and much more, including custom mobs.. This world is not as safe as the world you are used to...Even your own friends may stab you in the back.. Be careful who you trust... When you die here, your items and body will be dropped, and probably looted (you can use /back... for now). It is places like this where you may question the loyalty of your team members. If you choose to venture into the depths of the most dangerous area on WyldCraft you stand alone. So on behalf of the entire team here at Wyldcraft, we would like to introduce you to our latest update:   May ☼Ant0n☼ give you strength on your journey!      ↓FIND THIS GUY IN THE MARKET↓↓ (near the entrance)   please please... be careful...
12 months ago
NEW QUEST: Ancient Mysteries There is a new visitor in town following his family's legacy. You might find him at the Town Inn. There is much to learn about this world, and Daniel's discovery just might open new doors. REQUIREMENTS: 20 Quest Points QUEST START: Talk to Daniel at the Town Inn REWARD HINT: "I think we’ve outgrown full-time education … Time to test our talents in the real world, d’you reckon?" TIPS: BE PREPARED EXTRA: Keep your eyes peeled for bonus puzzles/items ;)
about 1 year ago
Who would have thought Corbin's family roots run deep... and his brother's name is... Blorbin? Science can be used for good or evil, depending on who gets their hands dirty... Help redeem the dignity of this renegade researcher, and stop the in"mob"mane (?) experimenting on mobs D: Requirements: 8 Quest points (get questin' ?) Quest Start: Talk to Blorbin in his new found humble hut Quest Location: Outside of the Christmas Town (373, 63, 319) Reward Hint: "Hopefully you can use these raggedy hand-me-downs more than I ever could..." - Blorbin      
about 1 year ago
Have you exceeded Lvl 30 XP and wish you didn't have to lose it all to some random mob or a fall from some mountain? Well, fear not! We got a new feature which will allow you to bottle any XP over level 30 into Bottles O' Enchanting!!!! Just go to an enchanting table, and right click with empty glass bottles in your hand. Might come in handy for pvp o.O  
about 1 year ago