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Server Update: A New Town!
Started by Mystiie

A New Town!

You have earned some money through Questing and Voting. Well now what? "What do I do with that money?" If you decide you need to buy a few things that aren't the easiest to obtain, or maybe you would like to sell some of the items you get from killing those monsters that got in your way. There's a New Town to the East of Spawn Island!

Follow the sand bar just East of Spawn Island to this lovely new area!

Here you will find:

?-"Barely Legal Pawn": Here you can sell those mob drops you've obtained.

?-Building Supplies: A place where you can buy some of the more hard to get building blocks!

?-Decorations Shop: Here you can buy some decorations to give your base some ambiance!

?-Music Shop: I bet you'd love to listen to the classics in your own home! Here you can buy music discs and other musical supplies!

?-Miscellaneous Goods: We've gathered an array of items which weren't placed in other categories to be available to buy in this shop!

*(Don't forget there is still a nice basic items shop at spawn!)

Keep an eye out for more updates! 

Barely Legal Pawn lol